Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Pulitzer Discussion Panel

During Tuesday's panel I was surprised by the lack of discussion concerning the prize winners' works. It was interesting to see Kevin Siers discuss his works and Mark West show the work of Doug Marlette. However I wish West had focused on Marlette's prize winning work instead of Kudzu. I also was upset that John White's appearance in the panel was so brief. 
The most interesting part of the panel was listening to West's discussion on Marlette's Kudzu. It was interesting to learn about how Marlette took a simple weekly comic strip and made it about the changes in the south with the struggle between conservative old south views and new emerging cultures and change. I didn't understand why the only character that was discussed was the Rev. Will B. Dunn, we only got to see how the old south struggled with the new south and didn't get to see Kudzu the titular character at all. 

The cartoon I chose was a drawing by Kevin Siers of Catholic Cardinals discussing selecting the new pope. Each Cardinal wants a Pope from their continent which was an issue in 2013 when the Catholic Church was trying to chose their new leader. Everyone was so caught up in pride for their heritage and wanted to share a homeland with the Pope but they weren't concerned with getting a modern Pope who could bring the church into the 21st century. I think Siers work was chosen because his work was insightful for the times, revealing the truth behind many issues during the time. He also keeps a sense of humor in his work. As he said in his work he takes many small lies to make a larger truth. 

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